Weekend Warrior

Coffee Mug

7 Days a Week

I've been thinking lately of how much time I spend working. The fact that right now I'm an unpaid intern notwithstanding... I can't remember the last day I didn't work.

Of course, that's the stated goal of this blog, isn't it? Learn something every day.

I do feel, though, that I'm trying to make up for my lack of skill and experience with an abundance of manhours. If and when I get my first real, paying, fulltime job, I'm going to be like this for a long time, aren't I? Working nearly full days on the weekend, just to make up for areas I'm lacking in.

The Work

I finished a working version of the feature I mentioned yesterday (well, a half implementation -- I wanted feedback from both the Dev and UX teams before bothering to continue), and I actually got a lot better response than I was expecting. I'll roll out a more fleshed out version, and then wait for some design and restructuring merges another team member is working on before going back to smooth the edges.

Besides that, I worked more on some bugs. We merged a feature that, while definitely necessary, caused issues all throughout the code after implementation. Just a nuisance, but the pitfalls of a team program.

I felt pretty good about the testing for my feature I did today. I wrote up some documentation on why I think it needs to be implemented in the way I did it, and feel good about the logic behind it.

I also had a brief meeting with a team member and got to see a bit of what he was working on. I admit I bitched about deadline pressures, it was nice to see that he felt the same way. What can you do though? Nature of the beast.

What I Learned

After never having used a branch, ever, when I worked on personal projects... I cant imagine not using them now. I still feel a little shaky sometimes when using the non-basic functions of git, but it's worth it (I mean, duh, but I had to use it fully to appreciate it).