Tweaking Content

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Finishing Up an MVP

Unfortunately, one of my fixes from yesterday wasn't working on my team lead's devices. I guess I get to say the famous line of -- it works on my machine!

Most of my work today was just going through and trying to firm up my assigned tasks, as we still have a deadline for tomorrow to get a build out for the app stores.

At times, I was a little lost as to what to try. For the most part, though, I think that was just because I had finished my personal sprints, more or less (or as much as I could do until my pull request was merged).

The Work

A big chunk of work this morning was spent on trying to fix a swiping function. There were issues with the documentation of the library we're using for that component, but after tweaking, I was able to get it working. Now, I had thought I had gotten it working even without this implementation yesterday. With more proper configuration, though, I'm confident this should work across all platforms.

Next, problems with a form. I think my unfamiliarity with React Native played a role here, as my attempted fixes really didn't make much of a difference. One in particular was making me want to dig further into how StyleSheet.create works, exactly, as I was getting some unexpected results.

In the end, my fix was just applying the implementation of the same type of component from another part of the app where it was working to the broken part. Not the most satisfying solution, but it works for now, and hopefully I can figure out the reverse-engineering reason why later.

After working on my sprint content, I ambled around through our bug reports and various trello cards, but in the end, figured I had done what I could before tomorrow's next dev meeting. Afterwards, I went back to work through more of the React Native course I had started.

What I Learned

Its interesting trying to learn from a beginner-to-proficiency type of course, while simultaneously actually working in the framework on a live project. Pretty much everything the course has gone over, I've already figured out for myself via documentation. I could probably skip enormous chunks of the different sections, but I am paranoid and always want to be extremely thorough.

I am feeling pretty comfortable with the basics of RN. It's a pretty nice framework. One thing I'd like to learn more of is getting used to its styling quirks. There must be ways to set up something a little more robust than StyleSheet create.

Also, I think it'd be beneficial to learn something about its best practices for styling. I noticed off-hand that StyleSheet create doesn't even support css grid -- fair enough, but why?