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Post Its

Working on a Project Slice

More general debugging today. It was nice to spend more time in the front end -- nothing intensive really, but inside my sprint category there were a few things that made me want to poke around a few different React Native packages and documentations.

I definitely thing having defined areas of a project assigned to specific people or sub teams is the way to go. Getting a little too spread out is just ineffective.

The Work

I was happy to say I figured out a bug that I wasn't even trying to work on. While trying to mess around with a specific bug, I happened to notice something that we hadn't implemented (a prop being properly configured with the right callback function in a component). After that, I was able to track down a different bug that we had foisted off onto the backlog (it wasn't breaking, but definitely impacted experience).

That was nice. It was definitely half luck, so I know I can't expect to make breakthroughs like that often.

In general, I wish I didn't feel like I relied so much on trial and error. I mean, I'll always be using that to test things that aren't working in a project. I guess what I'm saying is, I wish I didn't feel like I was relying on guesswork, rather than a solid, logical reasoning.

That's just insecurity talking, though. I do feel like I'm improving every day. While I still have glaring weaknesses as a programmer, and my methodology could be better, as long as I'm putting in the effort I know I'll keep getting better.

What I Learned

I learned that even pretty popular (and critical feature) libraries can have poor documentation.

I learned that helping another team member figure out a bug or feature can be just as rewarding as figuring out your own work.