Man Sprinting

Crunch Time

Most of my day was actually spent in zoom meetings today. We're looking to have a final build by Thursday (or even earlier, though I think that's optimistic), to start submitting to the App Stores.

It's both stressful and exciting. I think I'll do fine, hit goals, and do as much as I possibly can. On the other hand, I know how I am, and I'm going to stress myself out either way feeling like I could be doing more, no matter how much I accomplish.

For instance, after getting this post out tonight, I plan to spend the time afterwards until I have to sleep working on the project. Today was a very long day.

The Work

As far as actual coding for today, I did review my first pull request. It was nice, I like the feeling of contributing by reviewing other aspects of the work.

After that, there was about 3 and a half hours of different group meetings and standups. Parts were tedious, but I think it's definitely an important task, making sure to check in, reviewing what still needs to be done, and so on.

We talked about some future ideas, but most of the dev team meeting was about dividing tasks still necessary before we push for the final pre-release build.

After that, I stayed on with another dev team member, trying to help him implement a feature that had been giving him trouble. He did most of the work, but I feel like I helped a bit, at least. That was my first experience live coding with someone else at the same time, and I definitely think it was helpful (for me, at least).

What I Learned

I learned to appreciate the many, many complaints I've seen from others in the industry about how project structure, deadlines, and backlogs can create what can feel like a loop of problems.

At the same time, I get it. We have a deadline, and we have to meet it. Would it would be better if we could spend the time and implement E2E and test driven development, better data structures, and proper abstraction in the project? Yes, absolutely. On the other hand, none of that precludes putting out an MVP, and that has to be the priority right now.

Some of the other devs are frustrated with Firebase, and I get it. At the same time, though, I think their complaints are coming from their not having experience with it -- totally valid. Firebase definitely has a use, and I think it can be properly applied to our project. I wouldn't mind a refactoring down the road to our own API, though.

It'll be a stressful few days, but it's also nice to get my first real crunch time overwith!