Shower Principal

Shower Head

Switching Tracks

Both last night and this morning, I spent time trying to implement a feature from my sprint. I didn't make good progress, or rather, I just didn't like my implementation. I was frustrated for most of the day, but I am very happy to say that I was able to get past it.

Some downtime spent discouraged, though. We have so, so much to do. Our UX team doesn't think we're ready to be client facing, and I see their point. It's just a struggle when it feels like every critical step is the responsibility of the dev team, and there are just so few of us.

The Work

There are often moments in coding where I get disgusted with myself when I struggle to implement something incredibly simple. At least my standards have risen a little, so what I consider incredbily simple is probably infinitely more complex than what it would have been a few months ago.

Basically, I'm implementing some autocompletion for some of our form fields, where you can either submit your own, or pick from a list. I'm oversimplifying, but that's the gist.

I think I'm more disappointed in my presentation more than anything else, but also that I had to fail for a bit before I remembered myself and got into gear. Oh well, standard pitfalls.

Thankfully, after a bit of head banging, I switched to my other sprint responsibility this week - bug fixing.

Most were fairly simple. We still have DB issues, but we have a DB team now working on that and I'm hopeful that that'll a thing of the past soon. Purging pretty much anything before the real user-facing launch will be huge, too.

A few front end validations here, and a few DB checks there.

I feel like I cleared everything that was mission-critical fairly quickly. Unfortunately, there were errors I simply couldn't reproduce. For each, I made videos of myself completing them and added it to the Trello card. I can only hope its a version issue. What else can you do, though, when you can't reproduce?

What I Learned

Honestly, the best thing I learned today was to just checkout another branch when my works proving too frustrating.

I need to remember to do that more often. I didn't like my feature, so what? I know I can implement it, and more. I know I have unreasonable expectations for myself.

Simply by switching to my bugFixes branch, I felt energized and more content with the work I got done today. Something else I considered, but didn't do today, was to start checking out other team member's branches more often -- as in, not only when I'm asked to review a merge request. Seeing what they're working on, peeking new features, would provide the same clarity