Shotgun Approach


Broadening the Search

As the holidays approach, I've been keeping more and more busy. I feel good about the programming work I'm doing. As ever, my biggest complaint is the number of hours in the day. I wish I could spend twice as much as I do, just learning more and more things.

I've been continuing to focus on applying for jobs, and while my complaints about that process remain true, I've begun to try a new shotgun approach.

Widening the Radius

Whereas for months prior, I had been applying only to companies that were in Boston, I've begun to compile a list of cities to search for jobs in and have included them in a daily application search.

The various job boards all have their positives and negatives (mostly negatives, if I'm to be honest). With most companies being either partially or fully remote, I'm only limited by where I want to search. The downside to this, of course, is that that's true across the country. Instead of competing against junior developers that live in Boston, I'm now against everybody who is also doing a country-wide search.


On the coding side of things, I've been delving into the more advanced aspects of Node. I've always felt comfortable with Node, but given how often I see it listed as a requirement in job postings, I figured it would be a good idea to see if I could expand my knowledge there.

After that, I'd like to do the same for Docker and AWS. It is a little infuriating when I see listings for junior devs, but they expect you to know 5 languages, 20 frameworks, and 50 various tools, packages, databases, etc. The only answer to this issue is to try and focus on the ones that I think are the most common / valuable, and get after it.