Moving On

The startup I have been working for reached the first "official" pitch meeting, highly anticipated for months. While they didn't fail, they also did not secure investments, but got some feedback and a request to come back in a month.

I spoke extensively with the CTO and CEO after this meeting, and they were in high spirits, already planning to pivot in their goals and add different revenue streams. I hope they do well, and hope to return to the company full time. However, for now, I need to try and secure something different in the mean time, while they reassess.

Job Hunting Again

By far my least favorite thing to do, I'm back to job hunting. For now, I'll be applying all over. Remote, in person (my partner and I will relocate), anything. I am hoping that this current experience secures me some more interviews, but I am worried. I have still been applying even while working at this position, just at a smaller volume than I was when I was applying full-time, and I haven't noticed my recent experience opening any more doors.

I will also be trying to bid for more freelance work on places like Upwork and Fiverr, etc.

I think I'd like to spend some more time focusing on front end for a while. I've been enjoying learning PHP for the freelance client I mentioned in my last blog post. Also, the CTO at the startup company I had been working for made 4k-6k a month working very part time, completely via freelance projects. PHP was the entirety of his work, too.


I met and networked with a lot of great people on this startup project, chief among them my friend from the development team. He, too, will be moving on from the project. He's a bootcamp grad, but will be taking advantage of scholarship opportunities to get his CS degree as well, and will be applying to positions too. We've decided to meet up twice a week for coding challenges to keep ourselves accountable, and today will be the first of such meetings.