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Cloudy Day

Having Fun With Basics

Feeling like I'm doing good work and getting good progress done. Have been applying with a renewed energy, and updating my profiles on the dozens and dozens of sites that are out there. Getting a little annoyed with shotgun style recruiters. Since having added my React Native experience, I've been almost exclusively getting calls from recruiters looking for developers with RN experience.

Yet, instead of reading my resume, or viewing my profile, if I had to guess, what they do is send out a shotgun email blast to anyone who has that skill listed, asks them to reply if interested with their "updated resume" (this is code for "I haven't read yours on the site I'm using to scrape, so do the work for me")...and then they follow up by telling me the role requires 5 years of experience. Then why was I on your list in the first place ?

Discord Server

I was speaking with my friend from the internship who I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the one who I have been doing 2x weekly coding challenges with. We decided to try and organize the other people from our internship/other friends into a discord server, where we could network, bounce ideas, etc.

Link is here, and it is a programming channel with a focus on junior devs -- strategies for applying, coding challenges, interview questions, portfolio reviews, etc.

PHP work

I've finished v1 of my girlfriend's resume website, and am feeling pretty good about how it turned out! Link here. Next, I'll be working on my relative's business website.

Speaking with another friend who has been working for a while as a freelancer -- in the old school sense of the word, approaching businesses and asking if they want a website built for them -- he has mentioned how difficult it is, how rarely people ever really want to pay, etc.

That's often been a concern of mine, while considering trying to transition more to freelance work. Right now, I'm enjoying working with a more front-end focus, as a way of sharpening my skills in these new languages/frameworks I've been working with. It'll definitely be something to consider if I keep moving forward with it, though.