Key Activities

Finished (as much as I wanted to prior to testing and feedback) my feature branch, and did some work on bugs as well today.

Always stressful when people report a bug that you can't reproduce at all...that seemingly just acts differently on a different device.

The Work

Did some work on refactoring, but ended up tossing it until the next build.

After that, just finished up my feature before making a PR, and then switched to working on bugs.

The team lead added his own feature, which I reviewed for him -- if it works well, it should be nice. Will be adding a DB doc for every in-app error message we get along with the device and message.

It's a little stressful getting messages about a UX bug in your feature. Documented with pictures and everything. But, it's working on my local, and this is after its been pulled into master? I can only hope its some unnoticed merge conflicts on the reporter's local giving issues. Otherwise, I'm stumped.

On top of that, frankly, I just don't have more energy today to hunt it down.

What I Learned

I always thought I was pretty low-maintainence when it came to my hardware. I really like my laptop, even though it's about 4 or 5 years old and was budget-line when bought. I don't really play games anymore, and when I do, they're emulated versions of 20+ year old ones.

But man, do I feel it when I'm trying to code for react native on this thing. Slack, VSC, many many tabs of Firefox, React Native Debugger, Android Studio, Android Virtual Device, Cmder... truth be told, I'm often just angry at Expo, which our app uses.

It's beyond annoying when it hangs at a whitescreen, presumably building the JS bundle, but with no indicator anywhere.

In short, what I learned...when I have money to spend, top of the line hardware will be an absolute priority, if only for my sanity.