Laravel, Etc.

Curve in the Road

Having Fun With Basics

Somewhat reluctantly, I began working more with PHP, as a freelance client required it. It was old, legacy set up -- via Codeigniter -- and used Bootstrap as the CSS. While I didn't love it at first, I'm really getting into it now. Especially with my new best friend, Laravel. Mostly, I'm just glad to add more tools to my belt and resume.

Initial Thoughts

For one, I had always kind of stayed away from Bootstrap. I was kind of a snob about it to be honest -- just write your own CSS, right? Since this freelance project leveraging was fairly large, I didn't want to completely write the CSS until a later date.

Now I'm looking at it in a bit more of a favorable light. For one, and this should have been obvious to me, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I can hook in Bootstrap, and use the classes I want, and my own for the rest -- as well as overwriting Bootstrap classes and variables, etc.

Another thing I'm coming to appreciate are the helper classes -- grid, flex, margin, and padding baked right in for you. Finally, it's so widely used that it almost looks and feels like 'best practices' to use those classes.

As for Laravel, I had a friend describe it as React for PHP and I can definitely see where he's coming from. The various artisan commands, the out of the box SASS support, and so much more -- I'm really enjoying it.

If you would have asked me before, I would have said I wouldn't bother with any other front end frameworks, since I could already achieve everything I needed perfectly well with the stack I was already using. Now, though, I really appreciate what Laravel offers -- and I haven't even checked out its Vue and React support.

What's Next

With Laravel and PHP, I'm making my girlfriend a resume site, and after that, a website for a family member's landscaping business.