Ejecting, Continued


Dejection Ejection

Today, I continued work on ejecting our managed-workflow expo app to expo bare, to try and set us up to be able to run Detox e2e testing. As of yet, I've failed.

The Work

I am very happy to say that I was still able to contribute to this weeks build in a tangible way, as after a few more hours in the morning of getting nowhere, I switched over to a new branch and added a small feature.

It was a tiny addition, but before doing so, I refactored some repeated code I had written and that we were also leveraging elsewhere in the app to be a reusable component. I'm very happy not only that I did that, but that I was able to quickly run through it, and make some meaningful additions to the app for this week.

So -- back to ejecting. My error messages are no more meaningful, and my searches on stackoverflow no more helpful than yesterday. I am glad that I made a few more test attempts.

First, as I wrote in yesterday's post, I had confirmed that ejecting from a blank expo project gave me errors no matter what. Today, I decided to completely reinstall Android Studio.

After doing so, I got pretty much the same errors -- both on our app, and a blank expo init app.

I also made a halfhearted attempt to simply init a blank react-native app, copy our app files over, and then work from there. The build failed pretty immediately afterwards, so there are issues. I don't know that this is the solution we want to go with -- basically, we'd be rebuilding our project -- but it might be worth testing further, if only to give me some better ideas of what errors to look for.

As mentioned, I will be moving this week, so I won't be able to work on the app thoroughly tomorrow or for most of Friday. Thursdays are typically a build day, alongside team and dev wide meetings, so I'll have to miss that. As such, I wrote out a pretty decent markdown of what I've attempted so far, outlining the errors, and other basic setup steps.

What I Learned

I need to spend some more time inside of Android Studio. I guess I've been neglecting it, because I'm assuming React Native will always do the work for me. But I need to know the reasons behind the errors I'm getting better, and to do that, I have to learn what's going on there behind the scenes.