Algorithm Deep Dive

Computer Screen with Binary

Coding Challenges

A friend of mine recently recommended AlgoExpert for practicing algorithms and interview questions, and I highly recommend it.

The creator is a former FAANG employee, and very competent. The problems are curated and, so far (I'm about 10% through), highlight excellent principals. Among other things, it provides prompts, concept overviews, and actual code walkthroughs.

Improving Analytical Thought

One thing I feel like I always struggled with, but have been improving since beginning AlgoExpert, is analyzing (and to be honest, understanding) the time and space complexities of functions. While I still have room to improve, those two concepts are covered in every single algorithm provided in this course, and I finally feel like it's clicking for me on a different level.

When and why to use an iterative vs. recursive solution is another area that I feel like this course focuses on, which has been highly beneficial to me.

Often before, I pretty much felt like I was doing code challenges (on Leetcode and others) just to do them. With this course, I feel like I'm really honing my skills, learning when and why to apply concepts, and most importantly, why these concepts are even important in the first place. Overall, I very much recommend it.

Other Work

Otherwise, I'm continuing to work on a few freelance projects, within a PHP and Laravel framework. As I've mentioned in other posts, I've very much enjoyed learning Laravel.

I have one project that has a loose deliver date, and so I'm using it to explore and learn a lot of Laravel concepts. While the project itself isn't that complicated, it does have quite a bit that I would consider common facets of a freelance commercial project -- mail contact, blog generated and fetched via SQL, authentication, etc. -- so I'm feeling pretty confident and happy with the base boilerplates I've created.